Biden’s America: From Trump Energy Independence to Record High Gas Prices to Buying Oil from Iran and Venezuela

Under President Trump America was energy independent.  Now insanity and evil are running the White House and Biden is entertaining buying oil from terrorist nation Iran and communist nation Venezuela. 

President Trump wanted America to be “Energy Dominant” and it was.

“I Don’t Want America to be Energy Independent; I Want America to be Energy Dominant” President Trump to Economist Steve Moore

President Trump did what he said he would and America became energy independent.  America under President Trump was producing more energy than it needed.  America was selling oil and no longer importing oil. As result by mid-2017 gas prices were low and inflation was at 1%.

Trump’s Energy Policies Result in Lower Prices at the Pump and Inflation Dropping to 1.6%

Then came Biden and his energy-killing policies.  Now President Trump’s policies that led to America being energy independent have been destroyed by Biden.  America went from being the world’s top producer of oil under Trump to record-setting gas prices under Biden.

Bidenomics: Gas Prices Hit ANOTHER All-Time High on Monday at $5.014/Gallon — 33rd All-Time Record in the Last 35 Days and STILL CLIMBING

For some time now Biden has entertained the idea of buying oil from Iran and Venezuela – two nations taken over by zealots who are destroying their countries after stealing power to do so (sound familiar). Macron was part of a production reported yesterday where he was pushing this agenda.  Of course, no one in our mainstream media asked what was in it for Macron.  This production has likely been in the works for some time.

French President Emmanuel Macron Grabs Joe Biden’s Arm, Tells Him Begging Saudi Arabia For More Oil Won’t Work (VIDEO)

Biden has held talks with Iran since the Trump Presidency if you count crazy John Kerry’s actions.  Iran asked for everything including the US buying oil from Iran no doubt.  This is what they have and they want the money from it so they can commit more acts of terror around the world.

Now that the US is in a self-inflicted gas crisis, with massive inflation and high gas prices, Biden is entertaining the idea of buying oil from Iran and Venezuela.  The Conservative Treehouse shares:

It is quite remarkable to consider that almost 100% of these global issues could immediately disappear if the far-left ideologues behind Joe Biden would just unleash the American energy sector.  Alas, the seemingly religious cult of climate ideology will not allow it…. therefore we get these bizarre outcomes.

The U.S. has economic sanctions against oil exports from Iran, Venezuela and now Russia.  The EU is economically collapsing under their inability to power their economies without energy products, a specific outcome of the latest NATO and EU sanctions against Russia.

The green energy programs in the EU cannot sustain the needs of the population.  As a result, German Chancellor Olaf Schultz and French President Emmanuel Macron are asking Joe Biden to lift sanctions against Iran and Venezuela and let Iranian and Venezuelan oil replace the missing Russian oil.  Again, none of this would be needed if the U.S. just developed more oil and gas domestically; but Biden won’t change policy.

Insanity is allowing crooks to steal your election and then watching them destroy your country. 

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