How This 24 Year Old Millionaire Trades Stocks In 2022 {VIDEO}

Like me, millionaire trader Jack Kellogg has been traveling recently. But I caught up with him to talk about how making nearly $10 million in profits has changed his life…

Thankfully, like most of my millionaire students, Jack stayed humble. But he’s having some fun while adapting to this market. And he has some tips you can use to adapt your trading and get inspired. Watch the video to find out…

  • Why Jack Kellogg isn’t pushing his trading right now and what he’s doing instead…
  • How he splurges after making nearly $10 million in trading profits.
  • What millionaires spend their money on that the majority of people don’t…
  • How your trading emotions change the more money you make.
  • Jack’s counterintuitive lessons you can use to trade this market.

Learn the pattern Jack loves to trade here.

And watch the video below to catch up with Jack now!

YouTube Video

Jack started his trading journey in my Trading Challenge watching my video lessons, webinars, and DVDs. Want access to the same resources? Apply to join my Trading Challenge today!

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