NBC Reporter Doubles Down: None of the Critics on Fetterman Have Sat in the Same Room with Him (VIDEO)

MSNBC reporter Dasha Burns made a bold statement on Tuesday telling viewers Democrat senatorial candidate John Fetterman is “having a hard time understanding our conversations” following her interview with the Pennsylvania Democrat earlier this week.

MSNBC on Interview with Fetterman After His Massive Stroke: “He Had a Hard Time Understanding Our Conversations” (VIDEO)

Of course, this went over like a lead balloon with the fake news crowd who make a living at hiding the truth from the American public. (See COVID).

But this didn’t stop Burns from sticking to her previous reporting.

Via HotAir.

That reporting apparently touched off enough recriminations that Today host Savannah Guthrie had Burns address the criticisms. Twitchy has collated some of those from other journalists, including those who claim to have communicated with Fetterman without any issue. Those other journalists didn’t do in-person interviews, Burns tells Guthrie, and even the campaign acknowledged that Burns was the first in-person television interview the Senate candidate has had since his stroke five months ago:

Other reporters have used remote connections for their interviews, including occasional televised interviews in the past few weeks. That allows Team Fetterman to control access and limit reporters’ ability to judge Fetterman’s cognitive skills. They couldn’t do that with Burns, which is why her perspective on this issue is far superior to that of her critics.

John Fetterman is not tracking.

RNC Research posted a few of the more memorable moments from Fetterman’s interview with Sasha Burns. Clearly, John is not all there.

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